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Expert Chimney Sweep and repair Service in Bailey, Colorado

Welcome to ARD Chimney Service, where we prioritize the safety and warmth of your home. Our team is located in Bailey, Colorado, and has over five years of experience delivering top-tier chimney sweep and repair services to our customers. We understand that a chimney and fireplace are more than just structural elements of your home – they are essential to your home’s comfort and safety. Our dedication to excellence in every service aspect ensures that your chimney receives the best care possible.

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Chimney Sweep Services in Bailey

At ARD Chimney Service, we take seriously the responsibility of keeping your chimney clean and safe. Our comprehensive chimney sweep service in Bailey is designed to clean your chimney and fireplace and ensure they function optimally. Routine cleaning of your chimney is crucial to prevent dangerous creosote buildup, one of the leading reasons for chimney fires. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to thoroughly clean and examine your chimney, ensuring it’s free from blockages and safe to use. We understand Bailey’s unique challenges and weather conditions, which is why our services are tailored precisely to meet the needs of our community.

Soot and Creosote Removal:

Our service effectively removes soot and creosote buildup in chimneys, which is crucial for preventing fire hazards and ensuring efficient operation. Our skilled team uses specialized techniques for a thorough and safe cleaning, enhancing your fireplace’s performance and safety.

Comprehensive Inspection:

Our Comprehensive Inspection service thoroughly examines your chimney’s condition, identifying potential issues or hazards. Our expert team uses advanced tools to assess every aspect, ensuring your chimney’s safety and efficiency. This preventive service is critical to maintaining a healthy chimney system.

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At ARD Chimney Service, we specialize in diverse chimney and fireplace repair services to address issues that can arise over time. Our team is ready to handle minor repairs to significant reconstructions. Standard chimney problems like cracks, leaks, and deterioration can not only affect the performance of your chimney but also pose considerable safety risks. Our repair services include repairing structural issues, sealing leaks, relining the chimney, and more. We use the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure durable and practical repairs, restoring the integrity of your chimney.

Smoke Draft Testing:

Our smoke draft test guarantees the optimal performance of your chimney, ensuring the clean and efficient venting of smoke for a pristine indoor environment.

Debris Clearance:

We guarantee an obstruction-free chimney for seamless smoke exit. No errant bird nests or fallen leaves will hinder ventilation under our watchful eye.

Crown Repair:

Our crown repair service at ARD Chimney Service focuses on fixing and reinforcing the chimney crown, which is essential for protecting against weather damage. We thoroughly inspect for cracks or wear, then repair or replace them with durable materials. Our skilled artistry ensures a robust and lasting solution, safeguarding your chimney’s integrity against Colorado’s harsh climate.

Water Leak Repair: 

Our team expertly handles chimney leak repairs. We start with a thorough inspection to pinpoint the leak’s source, typically related to the flashing, crown, or mortar. Our team then performs targeted, durable repairs, ensuring a long-lasting solution. This service not only fixes current leaks but also helps prevent future ones, safeguarding your chimney’s structure and your home’s safety.

Chimney Cap Installation:

Our Chimney Cap Installation service ensures your chimney is protected and functional. We offer various chimney cap options suitable for different styles and needs. Our skilled technicians efficiently install these caps, which prevent debris, animals, and water from entering your chimney. This enhances the chimney’s safety and efficiency and extends its lifespan. Trust our expertise for a seamless installation experience, contributing to your chimney system’s overall health and protection.

Flue Repair:

Our Flue Repair service is designed to resolve issues within your chimney’s flue. We conduct a meticulous inspection to detect any damages or wear, such as cracks or deterioration. Our team then performs precise repairs, using robust materials to ensure a secure and efficient flue. This service not only restores the flue’s functionality but also enhances the safety and efficiency of your chimney, providing peace of mind and improved heating performance.

Masonry Repair:

Our Masonry Repair service at ARD Chimney Service focuses on restoring your chimney’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. We expertly address various masonry issues, including cracked bricks, deteriorating mortar joints, and overall wear and tear. Our skilled technicians use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure durable and visually pleasing repairs. This service not only reinforces the strength of your chimney but also enhances its appearance, ensuring it remains a safe and attractive feature of your home.

Chimney Relining:

ARD Chimney Service’s Chimney Relining service is essential for maintaining the safety and efficiency of your chimney. Relining involves replacing the inner lining of your chimney, which can become damaged or worn over time. Our expert team carefully installs high-quality liners, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality. This service not only improves the performance of your chimney but also significantly enhances fire safety in your home.

Clients Say The Nicest Things

Ron K. Conifer, CO

Ron K. Conifer, CO

"After noticing some wear on our chimney crown, we called ARD Chimney Service. They were professional, thorough, and the repair was seamless. Our chimney looks as good as new!"

Mark M. Conifer, CO

Mark M. Conifer, CO

"The team at ARD was fantastic in repairing our chimney leak. Their approach was both professional and efficient, solving our problem quickly."

Emily T. Bailey, CO

Emily T. Bailey, CO

"Professional, clean, and efficient – that's how I'd describe ARD's chimney relining service. Highly recommend them."

Sara K. Morrison

Sara K. Morrison, CO

"Our chimney had seen better days, but thanks to ARD's Chimney Sweep Service , it's now functioning perfectly and looks great too.

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